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ONTRIP provides individuals and companies a range of services with adapted solutions to each individual's needs.


Transport service for travel between cities. Prepare your meetings and get to your destination at the desired time.


Collection and delivery of small and medium volumes in the region of Greater Lisbon. A customizable service that aims to meet your real needs.


Get to know the city and its history. Urban routes, museums and cultural heritage.


An efficient and comfortable way of traveling in the city. Enjoy comfort and simplicity.


The evolution of technology coupled with the transportation systems, has opened doors to new markets. Emerging trends are transforming many markets and businesses and new opportunities are being created. The modern consumer is increasingly looking for more practical solutions, simple and able to keep up with their pace and lifestyle. Keeping pace with the fast-changing needs, environments and trends, ONTRIP offers a range of services with solutions adapted either to companies or individuals, and adapts its core to the users' needs. From everyday solutions to personalized solutions, from passengers transport to leisure transportation, you can find a professional team at ONTRIP, focused on the well-being and satisfaction of all customers. With a range of solutions throughout any of your transportation needs discover the services and advantages of a private driver at your disposal. You can access a modern and innovative car network with a strong focus on comfort and safety. We offer vehicles with qualified drivers, professional and experienced, in order to guarantee new experiences in the field of travel. ONTRIP acts in the Portuguese market, with tourism license RNAAT Nº 1304/2016.



The ONTRIP services are adapted to the type of travel required. We offer transport solutions in the city, but also between cities and leisure. Make your travels fun.


  • It’s a short and medium distance travel service we provide to companies or individuals. The service will be carried out through timely modernization of own fleet and reliable drivers with the advantage of having free Wi-Fi available in all fleet and knowing exactly where you are at all times! Be connected to the world and not to the transit of the great metropolis, through the possibility of accessing daily information content through our applications.Unwind and unloose and enjoy the safety and simplicity of a private driver! Your private driver!


Discover Portugal and what is so passionate about the our country.From the gastronomy, to the beaches of fine sand and crystal clear water, to the breath-taking landscapes, the “fado”, the traditional art of ceramic tile, the real meaning of “saudade”, the alliance of the traditional and contemporary. Discover with us Portugal’s rich and unequalled heritage. It’s our goal to promote Portugal spectacular historic environment not only for the citizens of other countries, but also for the great part of the population that doesn’t know our monuments, or that every day passes by them and doesn’t realize its importance and meaning and the role all of this wonderful places played so that we could be the nation we are today – one of the richest nations in history, stories and traditions. We will be here to help you discover our routes and to be dazzled with Portugal, a Country of emotions.


  • Custom delivery of correspondence and courier service. Expert courier services and custom solutions for businesses. At the moment, we only handle deliveries in the region of Greater Lisbon. Set the collect/delivery point and see how we can help make package collection and drop-off easier and faster! We will deliver on same day or on the day that you have defined. For more information, volumes and type of parcel you need, please contact us.


It is a service that will solve all long-time/distance travel issues. From business trips or just leisure, at ONTRIP, we have the solutions that best fit your needs.The fleet available, besides being modern, has all the technological equipment to make your trip more comfortable, safe and personal.We have Wi-Fi equipment, which you can access for free, for your entertainment or work, e-mail use. You can also choose listen to your music library with the Bluetooth function and so many other advantages.




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